Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A little slow on the uptake....

but this is the challenge that was set on the Scrapbook Station forum.  Taking photos of things you love in your home.  There will probably be another one up now ready to do, and I have just gotten around to this one.  I know...SLACK!  I have been sick, so I have a semi excuse.  Anyway, I glanced around this morning and snapped these pics of things I love around my home.Grassesweb

I am in the process of eliminating things that are of no use, or have been around for ever without a reason why!  I am just starting to buy things that actually tie the decore together.  We really have had no time to actually do this.  We get married and were both working, then within the first year we had our first bub, and then sold and bought houses with a 1 year old.  So things just got put where they got put, and nothing had changed since!!!  I am getting there.  Sorting through unneeded stuff when you are a 'keeper' is a big job!!!

Coffeeweb I love my coffee and our coffee machine.  It grinds, brews, froths, Just doesn't make toast.  (Someone should think of that)


These flowers just make me Happy.  Have no idea who dreamed up the idea to make a rose out of feathers...yep feathers, but they are awfully pretty and I don't need to water them!

And this is my embellished monogram.  It wMonogram_letteras actually my entry for scrapbooking Masters last year.  It has soooo much work on it.  All the design on the paper is stitched over.  My name is handwritten in silver a million times around the inside of the letter and the mini book was a project in itself. 

(I liked it, even if they didn't!!!)

Well that is done now.  Now I have to get going on my own challenge!  Now that one really is just slack.  I have had plenty of time to do this one, and I just haven't!!!  I have the 'April' challenge to set to.  It will be done soon!